The Nourish Body and Soul retreat was everything I was hoping for and more. It was set at beautiful Trinity Gardens in Ubud, where the scenery was like nothing else. We enjoyed plant based meals 3 times a day that could easily be modified and we never had the same meal twice. The highlight for me was the introduction to spirituality. Ilse planned so many great classes or activities that are truly special. It widen my understanding on myself and others. Ilse is an amazing person who truly cares about others and wanting them to be them best selves. I can’t wait to go back again.
— Crystal Lynn, USA
I absolutely recommend this life changing experience for those who want to reconnect on a deeper level, anybody who is interested in guiding their awareness to a more conscious, healthier lifestyle.
All that nourishes you: Nourishing food, words and the energy you receive.
All these energies you receive come closer, learn to use them as a tool for a healthier physical plus emotional life, instead of being consumed by them.
This is the perfect journey to give yourself, time space and love to slow down to take a break from your outer bubble far away from expectations.
Actually Ilse lives in Ubud, she has selected the right people, also locals, to connect with.
Inspiring, authentic, sympathetic beautiful power from Bali with the heart and the intentions at the right place.
Building your awareness to heal from the inside out.
Ilse to me is also a healer not only by a life changing beautiful experience both most of all by her own energy and the spirituality she has.
She also has an eye for aesthetics, the place she carefully selected to unfold together.
Trinity is such a beautiful place to stay, just magical.
Everything matches perfectly, all the beautiful nude color palette. Every piece of this delicious cake matches perfectly and will nourish your body and your soul.
Feeling blessed.
— Katrien, Belgium
My decision to go on the private retreat was quite last minute and solely based on the positive vibe I got after going over the entire website and being in contact with Ilse. I just had to go! And I’m so happy I did. I just feel revived. Ilse and the other people who contribute to the retreat have made that happen. Also, the surroundings, delicious food, yoga, massages, spirituality, culture and alone time; it was all perfectly in balance and really nourished my body and soul. Ilse is an amazing person who carefully selects everything involved in the creation of this retreat and she made me feel welcome from the start. I could finally be at ease with myself, relax and enjoy the little things in life again. The tools I got during and also after the retreat help me stay in that happy place while being back in the fast paced western world. Ilse, I can’t thank you enough for this eye opening experience and hope to see you again soon!
— Nicole, Netherlands
Thank you Ilse, unbelievable what you have given of yourself the past 9 days, I can’t describe that in words. The way you create this retreat for eye for detail and authenticity is unique.
I am extremely grateful that I had the pleasure to know you and everything you do comes from the heart and we all felt that.
It is purely magical to see the evolution of everyone during this retreat in such a short amount of time with all of us.
This retreat is organised right from the heart and with the intentions on the right place and that is exactly what you feel.
Thank you for get to know so many beautiful different personalities, one by one all so inspiring.
Ilse is just a unique beautiful person and the people she selected to be a part of this are equally unique personalities. Because of this great match this retreat was all I could wish for.
Thank you Ilse!
— Charlotte, Belgium
From the moment I met Ilse I felt a special bond, her warm smile and angelic eyes. Her presence was so calming, her energy so spiritual, her softness with grace. Ilse went above and beyond to support the ladies and I during the retreat.
I just knew I came to the right place.
We stayed at the trinity gardens located in Ubud. On arrival, magic filled the air and gave me goosebumps which lead tears to my eyes. I had to pinch myself because it felt like a dream. Was so humbled by the beauty of our surroundings, the lush jungle, rice fields and the butterflies that filled the air.
I highly recommend Nourish, Body and Soul retreat to anyone who needs to take some time to recharge, detox, and reconnect with themselves. Illse’s retreat is just what I needed to help me reconnect after a stressful year. It encouraged me to live a more healthy lifestyle and become more in touch nature and allowing me to be present. I now feel rejuvenated and got the clarity I needed. To all the amazing staff, thank you for your time, your kindness and allowing us to feel safe and at ease. Thank you for all our conversations, you felt like family to me. I absolutely adore everyone involved on our journey, there were many happy tears that I will forever cherish on this life changing trip.
Thank you Ilse for making this retreat so perfect
— Bianca, Australia
I first met Ilse in a group yoga class that she was teaching. Amazed by her energy I took a private yoga class with her and was blown away! I love the way she jokes around but then on the other hand be serious in adjusting not only yoga poses but also life perspectives.

— Leonie, Germany

It’s strange to be passive in Ubud, the landscape of yoga where you find more yoga teachers than coconuts. After one month of passive mood with my body, I’ve found this super women. She is the most patience yoga teacher that I’ve met in my life. U’ll like her knowledge about this amazing activity.
— Luca, Italy

Amazing vibes and energy! I explored my body and gained flexibility
— Suraya, USA

Marvelous physical and relaxing yoga sessions, conveyed in a refreshing manner. Ilse has wonderful energy and instantly makes you feel comfortable in her classes. Excellent for unwinding and recharging your batteries
— Vivienne, Switzerland
Best Yoga teacher, hands down !