Ilse Bos

Hatha and Yin Yoga and workshop Rituals, crystal essential oils.

For me it began 7 years ago; a busy social life and a fast paced job in the fashion industry had me living a life out of balance. I longed for a more meaningful existence, sure I was living my dream, working with high end labels and exploring the fruits of the industry however I longed for a deeper sense of depth in my life- whatever that meant. 

 As each class unfolded I began to realize the time spent on my mat offers me a place to keep grounded, focused, accountable aware and appreciative of the smallest moments. The more in-tune I became with my body- the more harmonious my life became. 

Thus prompting an internal calling to dive as deep into this profound practice as possible- a calling that led me to the spiritual center of the world- and the birth place of yoga- Incredible India. I desired to expand and share my knowledge with strangers and loved ones alike about the transformation evolution yoga offers me; so, deep in the majestic, mystical Himalayas I became a certified Yoga teacher.

Yoga is more than just a routine, it is an intimate, expansive spiritual practice- which I feel honored, blessed and deeply grateful to share across the world from.


What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. -Buddha-


Wayan Purwadana and Priestess Tya

Purification ceremony-Reiki healing

Wayan has been doing Reiki for more that 25 years to the people in his village.

His father was a forest ranger who spent time protecting the forest and helped reforesting the hills surrounding mt. Agung. Because he spent so much time in the forest he cultivated a deep knowledge for plant medicine and adventually became the medicine man of the village.

His daughter priestess Tya, has been known amongst the community by her strength and strong spiritual practice.

The priest in Tya's community had died 10 years earlier and they borrowed a priest from a neighboring village to run ceremonies. But because the priest was from another village, he often showed up very late. Her community eventually got tired of this and went to see a wise elder woman in her village. They asked, "Who can be our priest, please! We need help." The wise elder woman pointed at Tya and said, "That's your priest, don't look again. Don't ask again. You've found her and you need to trust me. This is your priest."

Tya's ancestor immediately came into her body. She blacked out and started singing mantra and ringing a priest bell that wasn't in her hand.

She fought off a lot of criticism from her community because priests are normally men in this patriarchal society. But Tya has continued on until now as a priest in her village and is now gaining respect as the only woman chosen to be a priest of the pemangku status in Bali.

Wayan and his daughter are the ones who give reiki healing on the retreat. This has been one of the highlights of all participants during the retreat.

The energy they have is extraordinary and extremely effective to relieve all sort of aches and tensions. It releases emotions and will give you a better knowledge about your body and yourself.

Also Tya is the one who leads the purification ceremony, her mantra went right to our heart and the experience is purely magical.

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After working as a Preschool teacher and Eco School activist for over 20 years, Patricia started her Zero Quest project as a response to her local community's growing concern and need for sustainable solutions. I am always looking to educate and inspire others to question what they think they need and look for creative and resourceful alternatives to plastic. With the help of archives of traditional wisdom and centuries old natural remedies, my mission is to redesign simplicity and inspire communities to adopt environmentally mindful alternatives, work together to protect our biodiversity and take small sustainable steps towards a more conscious future.

Treading lighter not only promotes well being, it nurtures the planet and nourishes our soul.