Nourish Body and Soul Journey

Yoga, Meditation, Reiki healing and inspiring workshops



November, 2018 - 9 days (8 nights)

April,2019- 9 days (8 nights)





Allow yourself to escape, relax, glow and basically get away from it all and reset and rejuvenate your body.

Experience the gorgeous smells and the cleansing rituals, explore the temples around Ubud and walk through the amazing rice fields, see shades of green you never saw before. Take a deep breath and feel the pure blessing of the here and now and expand all views.

Swim in the pool under the stars surrounded by wild jungle sounds. And feel beautiful every single day while waking up in a mesmerizing space. Allow changes to happen in this truly magical island.

You will experience a local Balinese ceremony and ritual. Purify your soul, your mind, and clear yourself from negative energies and blockages by Reiki healing sessions.

Indulge yourself with all the interesting workshop which will be beneficial for your health and easy to implement in your daily life.

 Bali's deep cultural roots of prayer, devotion and beauty offer a landscape where yoga off the mat comes alive and is expressed every moment and on many levels.



Daily Hatha/Vinyasa and Yin classes allow your body to gain flexibility and strength but most of all more inner peace. See your body changing quickly and feel your body alignment and posture enhanced.
Get a longer and limber look by toning your muscles.

Daily guided Meditation practices. Clearing the mind and help to reduce stress and anxiety, practicing your awareness and increases memory by training the brain.
You will have several different meditations with a focus on stress releasing, breathing, and self-healing.

Pranayama (breathing) is a fundamental practice in the study of yoga. As one of the limbs of Patanjali’s eight-limbed path, pranayama, is defined as the “control of life force,” and is aimed at increasing vital energy in the body and mind. Let the breath flow and release yourself from past emotions.

Purify your soul, your mind, and clear yourself from negative energies and blockages by Reiki healing sessions, channeling energy from the practitioner’s body through the palms of the hands in order to rebalance and clear blockages in the energy centers to support relaxation and healing will take place.
When the energy flows in your body, it soothes and calms pent-up emotional tension, stress and spiritual imbalances. After the session, you’ll feel relaxed and pure.

Plant-based food workshop, you will learn the benefits of each ingredient and what it does with your body and digestive system.
You will learn cooking skills you can take home with you and prepare for your family or friends but more importantly for YOU – a fresh plant-based meal.

Essential oil workshop, Essentials oils can be used to encourage your holistic lifestyle. If you’d love to learn more about how to implement oils into your daily life for health and well-being.
We’ll dive into essential oils foundations, how to safely and effectively use them in your home, on your body, for emotional wellbeing – and so much more!

Power of Crystals workshop, crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out. Learning more of these powerful stones and which one to use for what. Also with a strong meditation crystal cleanse.

And powerful get to gathers which will mindfully helps you to practice self love and how to be more mindful in your daily life balance. We will take you on an adventurous but conscious retreat to help you evolve in the much more powerful you, you can be!

Program day 2 (varies every day)

7.00AM Pranayama (breath work) and Hatha/Vinyassa

9.00 AM Healthy plant based breakfast

11 AM  Reiki healing and chakra cleans



1 PM Healthy plant based lunch 

5PM Yin yoga and meditation

7.30PM Healthy plant based dinner

The first day when you arrive on the islands of the Gods, our driver will pick you up and one hour later you will arrive in Ubud. I will personally welcome you with the team and we will enjoy a delicious lunch from our plant based chef. After you all settle nice and well in your room, you receive an amazing massage to allow yourself to sit back and relax from the travels. In the afternoon there will be a group talk with some lovely surprises about the week and a small goody bag to make your retreat even more memorable and pleasant, and a soft Yin yoga class and meditation on the end of the day. In the evening a group diner in the sacred Mansion.

The other 9 days the schedule varies daily and we plan the schedule always to make sure you have free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings or just simply relax and read a book in our lounge area or in your own hammock. All classes, activities and meals are optional. If you feel that it is important for you to honor your body and allow yourself time to rest then do so.

This retreat is suitable for everybody, regardless of age or prior experience in yoga and meditation. Yoga mats and props are all provided.







  • Accommodation

  • All meals (breakfast, Lunch and diner) detox juices and coconut water, herbal tea.

  • Daily yoga

  • Daily guided meditation and Pranayama (breath work)

  • 1 Balinese massage

  • 1 Ayurveda massage

  • 2 Reiki healing sessions and one crystal chakra cleanse

  • Balinese purification ceremony

  • Essential oils

  • Plant based food workshop

  • Healing crystal workshop

  • Traditional Balinese purification ceremony

  • Transfer from and to the airport Ngurah Rai Denpasar

  • Traditional Balinese dance

  • Temple visit

  • Luxury amenities, Bamboo cotton kimono, eco body oils, shampoo and soaps.

  • Access to swimming pool

What's not included

  • Ticket and travel expanses to and off Bali

  • Laundry service

  • Visa (most country's get a 30 day visa on arrival)

  • Other off retreat private expenses.



A beautiful quiet space with a unique design where you can swim in the pool under the stars embraced by the wild jungle sounds. The design is robust with details of nature. The place is located in spiritual Ubud in the middle of the lush rice fields. 

Look, inhale and absorb the sacred energy and completely disconnect and exhale! A true tranquil magical place.

Enjoy private large light rooms with a closet, big windows, and a private spacious bathroom. Enjoy the large living area, reading a book in the hammock or enjoy a tea while looking at the rice fields.

Amenities include complimentary organic cotton kimono, organic shower gel, massage oils, shampoo and conditioner, comfortable queen bed, dining area, relax area, yoga place, and swimming pool.

This villa has the most peaceful and serene atmosphere with Wi-Fi access, yoga mats, blocks, straps, and fresh drinking water and coconut water and ginger tea available with 24-hour access. 



Prepare for your retreat

Book your flight ticket after the confirmation of the retreat and don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you with the ticket booking. Also contact us up front if you prefer vegan or vegetarian meals because we use Eggs and fish in our menus and inform us about specific allergies. Also please let us know if you are open to a tarot reading or maybe prefer an extra healing session. 

When booking the retreat make sure that you pay a 50% deposit to secure your booking. The other 50% you pay one month upon arrival. The deposit is non refundable if you cancel 60 days prior start date unless you book another date.