My Journey to Yoga


My name is Ilse, and I'm a certified yoga teacher who grew up in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I'm a traveler but currently in Bali, where I stay in Ubud, the cultural spiritual center of Bali. Cultivating more knowledge about spirituality, Food, Yoga and wellness in general. This to share with everyone else!

Where did this all start? From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be a "businesswoman" in the fashion industry. However, after having worked in fashion for over 14 years, I came to a realization that my childhood dream was no longer "it" for me. I was tired, felt powerless and drained of energy. Something had to change. I started looking for ways that would make me feel energized and healthy.

I started with food- eating more clean, eliminating meat and introducing more vegetables into my diet. Simultaneously I also started practicing more yoga, which eventually became a daily habit, I always sought out and explored different types of yoga such as Ashtanga, Hatha/Vinyassa, Bikram and Yin yoga. It aided me so much in reducing stress in my life. It was also around this time my interest in spirituality started to grow. After changing my diet and practicing yoga for 6 years I felt I needed to change more drastically, I decided to quit my job at Prada, sold all of my designer clothes, bags and shoes even my furniture found new owners. Packed my suitcase with flip flops and yoga pants, and booked a one way ticket and traveled. 

After a truly inspiring trip through India, discovering Rajasthan I ended up in magical inspiring Dharamhsala ,on the edge of the Himalayas, home to the Dalai Lama the spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism. I learned to reconnect with myself, discovered my strengths and made yoga more than just a balance between hobby and work. I became a certified yoga teacher and Yoga became my lifestyle. Bye bye Prada bags, hello hello yoga pants.

Now I'm at this beautiful point in my life where I'm  given a chance to share the knowledge I have gained over the years and guide people in finding their balance and getting back on track with their life. 

Namaste, love