Yoga in Malaysia



After my recent visit to Uniten University last year in September, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Kamal Nasharuddin Mustafa and Dr Zue sent me an invitation to give a yoga class to the staff and the students of the university. My reply was an obvious yes. I flew to Malaysia to exchange the jungle of Bali for the Uniten University for a 3 day visit in the second week of 2018, where I was welcomed by Dr. Zue upon my arrival.

Special thanks to Dr. Zue who took me during these 3 days for a Malay food fest! Delicious food every day and amazing company.


Uniten is such an amazing University, focusing on green energy and encouraging students and staff to use bikes as a mode of exercise. And yes, my Dutch heart loved it.

Alongside these amenities which promotes healthier lifestyle, it also gives staffs one hour free paid time for exercise. In my opinion this is a great move since I think a good body is a happy person and a happy person is a good employer.

Shortly before my visit, Dr Zue asked me if I would like to mix yoga class with aerobics. In a blink of a second, I agreed, but a moment later, I noticed a small rush of panic inside my body. The reminiscence of my childhood memory where women were jumping around house music came to my mind. My yoga feeling was totally lost. Since Dr Zue wanted a class which was fun for the girls, and at the same time not so difficult like a leg in your neck kind of thing, I came up with a sequence which was fun and zen at the same time.


The girls were so excited and everyone enjoyed themselves and at the same time understood the basics of their body movement. Everyone was so grateful that they requested me to visit soon.

Even though, the class was full of only girls, there were some curious boys looking from the distance and curious to join the class, but they were too shy.

It feels good to give people a good time and some guidance to be more aware of their body.I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that it was the most fun class I ever taught till now. And I can't wait to be next month for another class at Uniten University, this time, the boys are welcome.


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