Susanna Nova






Sometimes you simply cross paths with people who truly inspire you. Inspired by their way of living, and how they see, reflect and do things in life. Most important for me is to seek their motivations behind all of that.

Let me introduce one of them; meet Susanna.

A Scandinavian, beautiful power-woman who inspired me on so many levels. She lives in Ubud, in the property which she designed and build gradually over time, amidst the rice fields where she is accompanied by her partner and daughter.

Besides creating this sacred place filled with love and passion, she also creates caftans from organic naturally dyed fabric, Malas and many other products which are constantly motivating me to do things more beautifully.


The Malas that are being produced uses organic, recycled and fair trade materials. These products are reflection of her beautiful personal journey, becoming an altar to carry with oneself regardless of the place one goes.

Susanna has personally taken me through a journey of creation with knowledge of texture, the colors, nuances and the symbolic representation of one’s unique soul. If you happen to be there, you will feel the space full of sensuality, tastes and sounds.


She will support you to explore the darkest abysses and also reach the most sweet light that will inspire you to feel your unique beauty deeper. Based on this journey and vision, the Malas are designed and crafted personally, reflecting you. Thus this Mala become a purely healing ritual, which one can cherish for life.

I am humbled and honored to say that I will be using this amazing space during my retreat with an amazing soul.

These Malas are available on the retreat on request. Just make a reservation during your stay.


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