Balance what there is to be balanced



I have to be honest with you and admit that balance was not something on my list a couple of years ago.

I went to party's, and yes with Mojitos and a cigarette in my hand.

I also loved watching tons of series, being a couch potato with a sack of chips. And most of the time, thinking about running and yoga; instead of actually doing it.

And yes I am guilty of walking in my yoga pants to have a feeling that I did some sort of exercise.


The shift actually came like 5 years ago. I practiced yoga once or twice a week and mostly Bikram yoga because it was a stronger work out. I wanted to loose weight and I was way too busy in my head, this type of yoga forced me more to focus on breathing and postures than any other type of yoga at that time.

I noticed rather quickly that this became some sort of lifestyle. Naturally the change happened. I practiced different Yoga types, quit smoking and started the experiment with healthy food, always with my favorite color green in it.

When I changed my job from Louis Vuitton to Prada I noticed quickly that there was still not enough satisfaction in my job. Could not immediately find the reason why, but noticed the lack of challenge and feeding my brain with new interesting information. I kind of just left it like it was and focused more on yoga and meditation and spending time with friends and family.


However my ambition to change became bigger and bigger and the search for the right job in Fashion became smaller and smaller. I noticed that I simply had to change, not only the job but just the whole sector. Although my heart still beats a little faster when I see a beautiful design, the mass consumption makes me feel sad.

I needed to leave and leave soon!

I sold my furniture, clothes, books , you name it and it was on sale. And yes I was standing on a clothing market (Ijhallen, for the Dutchies) selling Prada and Louis Vuitton shoes for just 20 euro. I had no regrets because stuff is just stuff and minimalist living is my future.

Knowing what my next destiny was but unknown what my future might bring, I packed my bags full of the last pieces of clothes I owned (mostly yoga pants) and booked a ticket to India.

There I was with my suitcase in New Delhi!


Most of the time I was thinking, what the hell did I do. Sometimes I was frightened of what my new future will bring and how I would accomplish what I wanted to accomplish.

In India I made a pact with myself. No matter what bumps I will have on my way, I will always move forward and see it as an opportunity to grow. Tears and lots of bumps further along the way I can only be so immensely grateful of what happened, that I kept going and fought for what I loved. Now today I can say that I do what I love and will keep on creating retreats for people to make them feel beautiful again! To create something what I needed for myself years ago feels like a blessing to share with people, so they don’t need to be so drastically transforming as me and will learn it the beautiful way instead of the hard way.

Yes balance what there is to be balanced. I kind of drifted away what I wanted to write in the first place but I will promise you that I will continue soon!

Hopefully this story makes you feel inspired in some sort of way which is important for you!

Much love, Ils

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