Take a breather


The grass is greener where you water it.

Just like plants, we need to be watered and nourished to flourish.

With this in mind, I’ve created something to allow others to glow, nourished and feel themselves again. When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment where it grows; not simply ‘fixing’ the flower.

To be fully in-tune with ourselves we have to take time for ourselves. To me, our society gives so much pressures to follow society’s standards that we become disconnected from our true selves. In these situations, feeling burnt out, depressed, and exhaustion might come because you have to pretend all the time being someone you are simply not.


This doesn’t mean you are making wrong choices in your life, such as with your job or friends, but that you are experiencing a disconnection or tension within yourselves because you are simply not in-tune with yourself.

It sounds so simple but this is the foundation of life that many people have forgotten.

See it as building a house, start with the foundation!

As women, we give away so much love and feed, nourish the people we care about. Like in the old days, we throw ourselves into the responsibility of taking care of everyone.

Nowadays we have the liberty to work and multitask our asses off.

We push ourselves to be a successful business women, loving mother, while taking care of ourselves in the right ways, wearing the right clothes and being mindful about the environment. All these things are good missions yet it can lead to so much tiredness. Imagine multitasking like this for our whole lives.


That’s why, yoga, healthy food and conscious eating, self-care rituals have become immensely popular these days. They are an ode to women to nourish ourselves again.

I absolutely notice that those moments for yourself can create so much space within. It can be sitting down in silence, dancing to your favorite music or even singing or painting (who cares if it’s not perfect!).

You see where this is going?

I notice that women have a lot in our mind. Like, a lot. It’s so important to become more aware and conscious of ourselves and to be in-tune with the REAL YOU!

(Sorry, men also have a lot in their minds;) )


But let’s focus on the females! Because we are here to support each other along the process, and not comparing ourselves with each other.

Yes. We are all beautiful and we are here to help each other out. Because we all have the same feelings, deep within.

This is why I started the retreat. I wanted to create something that allows females to be more self-loving, caring, and consciously nurturing our minds using the finest tools available. Simply guiding towards a more nourishing life.

On the other hand, this retreat is actually your own personal journey. It’s a journey that will allow you to become more aware of what you want, your purpose, and who you are.

Because at the end, you are the one who is capable of everything.


To me personally, the retreat did not came fall from the sky. I did a lot of research, looked everywhere I could for the right teachers with the best skills, and more importantly, the best vibe.

We use the most beautiful products available in the most mesmerizing location. That’s when I ended up at Trinity, the place where we will nourish ourselves. Fell completely in love with its design, I knew there is no other place possible to hold this precious retreat.

Sometimes, things just fall into place and fit perfectly, like pieces in a puzzle. That was exactly what happened with this retreat. Everything is exactly how I envisioned it to be, allowing people to unfold in the most nurturing way possible, with a dash of luxury, aesthetics and just exactly the right tastes to indulge our senses.

Ilse Bos