Minimalist living


I remember what my mom told me when I was 15, "Ilse, clean up your room."

'Create space'

Cleaning is definitely a way to create space, not just in your house but also in your head.

By the time I was older and moved out of the house, I noticed my mom was collecting more. More stuff means more worries.

I remember going shopping with my mom and we always came home with beautiful interesting treasures.

My mom is a creative and loves to create all sorts of things from objects which seem useless to others. Thrift shopping was our latest passion together.

I absolutely enjoy these moments of looking for beauty and quality. Shopping vintage is something special; every piece has a history, a past life, and had these vintage items didn't meet my mom, they probably won't be given new life or purpose.


Knowing this, thrift shopping became more and more regular and the quantity became bigger and bigger.

This made me question - is it really necessary to keep buying and buying when our small world is already full of the things we really need? Yes, I hear you thinking: what about the economy?

Well, the truth is – the economy will still run because there is always needs for the basic and primary things. We just need to eliminate the BS.

During my past 7 years working for high-end labels, I saw people keep on wanting more and more; blatant consumerism without any wisdom. As Oscar Wilde once said, "Nowadays, people know the price of everything but the value of nothing."

I met many pleasant clients who were truly interested in craftsmanship and the quality of the product. They were inspired and truly cherished what they were buying.

Unfortunately, the number of these clients is getting smaller and smaller.


They are replaced by the ignorant group trying to fill up the wardrobe with designer stuff they hardly care about or have no understanding where items came from. They just want to seize opportunities and gain exposure in their own social circle.

Repeat this hundreds of times and it becomes truly tiring and alarming.

I started to wonder: is this how it should go? Should our natural resources where our garments came from be extorted like this?

I started to take a closer look within and ask myself a couple of questions:

Are these the people I want to see every day?
Do I fit in here?
What can I do to change this?
Where do I want to be?
What can I do to make it happen?

And most importantly, who am I?


This was when I start to question my own integrity.

It’s easy to judge others, but I did notice similarities with them that I should change first. Sometimes other people are a mirror to reevaluate yourself.

I started to declutter the house, the wardrobe; sold stuff online, Ebay; designer vintage, you name it, I created a sort of shop online.

Getting rid of all things not necessary was such a relief.

A burden slowly dropped from my shoulders, space is created in my head, and it made room for excitement and wisdom.

I began to feel free; now that I don't have anything holding me back. Soon, I gave away even more to the point that I only had a suitcase full of the necessary things.

How can you minimize your life? What can you do to create more space and a clean and healthy environment.


1- Wardrobe

Yes the wardrobe, for most ladies one of the most precious things to declutter.

Don't save your most beautiful clothes for a special occasion. Wear them. Better to wear them than to hold on to it.

You only need a couple of things, start to choose your basics wisely. Buy a couple of key pieces easy to combine and some that stand out, shirts, kimono, jacket, dress. Go for the good fit and material, especially with jeans and pantalon. Make sure all can be mixed in different seasons. Buy quality underwear with a longer life.

Choose one small handbag wearable for any occasions and a bigger one that fits a laptop.

Make sure your wardrobe consists of quality and has a longer life


2 - Grow your own herbs

No more buying plastic-wrapped veggies and herbs. Instead, grow your own in small pots or at the backyard. You'll be surprised by how quickly it is to grow your own food! Then pick them when you want to enjoy them. This way, you're creating a far less waste and making your body happy.

3 - Do you really need so much skin care?

Take a look in your bathroom and check what you use everyday.

Ideally is to create your own products. What you really need is actually just face-wash, soap, shampoo, a serum for the skin, toothpaste, sunscreen and a mouth water. Of course all depending on your skin type.

If you want to make your own, grow more herbs and buy some key essential oils and carrier oils to create it.


4 - Furniture

Buy pieces that you truly love and adore, which you can create a clean environment with.

Choose quality over quantity. Make sure you don't need to replace and choose your colors wisely.

5 - Books

As much as I adore books, we can also use an e-reader, if you do prefer to buy books every now and then, share them after reading with your friends.

6 - Limit your buying habits

Do you NEED it or do you WANT it?

7 - Eliminate the un-necessary.

Make space only for the things that you value and gives you joy.

Enjoy more time with the people who are important to you.

Spend more time doing the things you love.


Avoid becoming a victim of consumerism and invest in life experiences.

All the stuff we surround ourselves with is merely a distraction; we are filling up emptiness inside.

Material possessions creates stress. By simplifying your life, you can loose attachments. This will create a calm peaceful mind.

Create gratitude and notice what matters to you the most.

If you notice that minimalist living is something you might need right now, start.

If you notice that you are already limiting and balancing things, Love.

If you notice that it is simply not your thing, always find what’s right for you.



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