I would love to share the story with you on how NEBA started, However I have to be honest, I have no idea. It kind of started naturally, and that is exactly what NEBA is, natural.

Maybe it started in Nepal while I was seeing their colorful fabrics, maybe in Bali while noticing how plant dyes create amazing colors, maybe it’s the fact that I began to miss fashion after working in this industry for 14 years. Or simply the fact that finding the right kimono for myself was not always easy.

One thing I know, is because I wanted to consciously make something with passion for both men and women and not to support consumerism, but to support local craftsmanship, nature and to create something simply beautiful.

A kimono is an amazing piece of cloth that is easy to wear and can be worn as a dress or more casually.

I wear kimonos every day because I wear yoga pants and don’t want to expose the revealing butt in those tight pants. This piece of clothes is just perfect for all of that (and to conceal all kinds of fuss!).

A kimono comes from Japan and has been worn by the geishas for centuries. During modern times, the kimono change its style and becomes a true fashion piece on the catwalk. Its versatility made people wear it became such a trend, dressed up and down.

While traveling to many countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa (not yet, America), I noticed that a kimono was always tucked away in my luggage somewhere. It was easy to wear with heels to a restaurant, flip flops to the beach and sneakers for some sightseeing downtown.

So multifunctional.

While typing this I must tell you the truth that I did not wear any heels for 2 years, only flip flops. I should definitely start wearing some heels and go out on a dinner date with my fiancé.

But before going on that date, I will take you back to the beginning of where I decided to create NEBA:

Traveling, because at the end, it is a blend of Nepal and Bali, two countries where I love to spend most of my time. Explored during my travels and slowly became a home.

Craftsmanship in these countries are simply amazing.

Plant dye in Bali with all the amazing plants, flowers, herbs and the greenery around us is just pure magic. The freshness of the plant extract used for the plant dye is amazing and the colors are deep and aesthetically beautiful.

In Nepal; where you see the weaving of amazing traditional Dhaka fabrics by old Nepalese ladies with their singers. This whole show just intrigued me so much, and the joy they had in making such amazing fabrics blew me away.

Blending these 2 countries together seems to be a very logical point of view to us, because you can create something so beautiful when you take the best of both worlds and blend it together.

That is how we decided to create NEBA, a brand which highlights local craftsmanship, sustainability, quality and aesthetics; a brand which encourages you to look further and allows you to be conscious about all aspects of a design.

Ilse Bos