Balance what there is to be balanced part 2


I wrote my previous blog months ago and I promised that I would continue where I totally drifted off last time.

Let’s go back to the point where I lost my balance in life and was searching why the imbalance occurred all the time in my life. What was necessary to change and how did that work? I had to change step by step to feel more balanced.

Nowadays, Instagram is flooded with influencers talking about plant based vegan food. The numbers of Yogis and foodies is immense and how does that affect your decisions of what is truly good for you?

It feels to me like searching for a needle in a haystack.

I can imagine when you want to start living a more nourished life: where do you start? The confusion of what is right and wrong grows and is there really “a” wrong? Making your own jam is right but drinking milk is wrong!


Does this trend slowly become social pressure and is that right for your mental health -“the mind”- to always have the feeling of being judged?

Are we being judged to drink milk or coffee or eat a pizza (gluten no go)?

I do respect everyone's opinions but this is not wrong! Instead of focusing what is wrong (negative), focus on what is right for “YOU”.

We are all different and react differently on certain products. It’s important to start listening to your body, instead of focusing on the outside and being influenced by others, start feeling what is right for you.

Eating healthy is important and is a great benefit of your daily life to be more aware of what you consume and where the products are coming from.

Every morning, I made my own juice with cucumber, spinach, basil, ginger, lime and lemon and a dash of mint.


I feel that my health started right there with this particular juice. I noticed that my skin became more radiant, my energy level was on point and my digestive system was working smoothly, it was a real good detox!

Now years later I still make this juice and I love it! Every morning my detox juice and one kiwi (multivitamin booster) and my eggs (yes I know, I am not vegan).

Vitamins are easier to absorb in the body during mornings, your breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It activates your digestive system.

What is important is that you listen to your body and feel whatever is happening inside after your meal. You can basically examine your own body. Do I feel good or does this makes me tired or bloated?

I noticed years ago that I am lactose intolerant and as of today I avoid dairy products. When I eat something with dairy my stomach starts to grow and gets super painful.

balance 2.jpg

Eating consciously is not just about listening to your body, but also creating awareness on where the products comes from.

Mother earth has a lot to give and yet we take and keep on wanting more and more.

She gets exhausted and so do we.

Slow down and use your food as medicine. Pay your farmer instead of your pharmacist.

Organic farming is always better with your vegetables, fruits, rice etc.

Nowadays it’s all about quantity instead of quality. If we all shift and focus on quality in our lives, our food, our clothes and our friends becomes more beautiful and just simply better.

Building awareness in starting living a more pleasant healthier life, searching for the quality of things and listening more carefully towards your body.


Shifting your awareness inside, instead of outside and nourish and flourish from the inside out.

Well, I intend to drift off more often.

What my main message is, don't go too far in being healthy, it is okay to eat a pizza, it is okay to drink a glass of wine.

Listen to your body and be the best YOU for you.

Stay tuned for the next blog about YOGA!

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