Balinese Culture



Balinese Legong dance

The famous Balinese Legong dance is a refined dance form characterized by intricate finger movements and facial expressions. Beautifully exotic with mesmerizing music and the costumes are handmade, the whole atmosphere will amaze you.


Balinese ceremony

We will experience a local Balinese ceremony. You will wear traditional clothes in a real Balinese local ceremony full of prayers and offers. We will provide the traditional clothes and offer basket with rice.


Balinese Temples

We will visit water temples where locals go to cleanse negative energy every month and pray for blessing. Now a days a famous tourist destination but nevertheless an amazing experience and a beautiful ancient temple.



You will be introduced to Balinese healers that are known for their unique abilities. Also on the island you will find different type of healings amongst the well travelled people, you will be introduced with high qualified healers were you will feel new and get rid of past blockages in life.