My name is Ilse, and I'm a certified yoga teacher who grew up in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I'm a traveler but currently in Bali, where I stay in Ubud, the cultural spiritual center of Bali. Cultivating more knowledge about spirituality, Food, Yoga and wellness in general. This to share with everyone else!

Where did this all start? From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be a "businesswoman" in the fashion industry. However, after having worked in fashion for over 14 years, I came to a realization that my childhood dream was no longer "it" for me. I was tired, felt powerless and drained of energy. Something had to change. I started looking for ways that would make me feel energized and healthy.

Upcoming Retreats

Nourish body and soul

Nourish body and soul and heal from within to allow yourself to glow again. A package full of spiritual guidance, restore your body with yoga, amazing healthy food and complete relaxation for your mind with meditation. Surround yourself with the sounds of nature in mystical Bali. Personal guidance.

Dates on request

Have the opportunity to totally be with yourself and to have personal guidance trough your personal journey. This is totally based on your own requests and we will design it for you. You can basically have a schedule you desire! Surround yourself with the sounds of nature in mystical Bali.



Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical practice that's been around for centuries. Today, there are several types of yoga that vary in difficulty and speed. While different yoga types feel different, yogis and scientists a like will tell you they are all extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. It will gain you more flexibility and strength and improves your posture and  balance. Not even to mention the energy it gives you and  how your body will get more toned.


Rest & Relax

In a beautiful quiet space with unique design, swim in the pool under the stars embraced by the wild jungle sounds. The design is robust with details of nature. The place is located in spiritual Ubud in the middle of the lush rice fields. Look, inhale and absorb the sacred energy and completely disconnect and exhale! A true tranquil magic place.


Explore Balinese culture

Explore the rich Balinese culture. Let your senses work and experience the gorgeous smells and the cleansing rituals, explore the temples around Ubud and walk trough the amazing rice fields, see shades of green you never saw before. Take a deep breath and feel the pure blessing of the here and now and expand all views 


Organic Cuisine

The cook is specialized in organic food and clean recipes  the fresh herbs and veggies grow in our own garden. A healthy natural way to nourish your body and soul, the food allows you to rejuvenate and restore body and mind. 



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